Updated 09 Feb 2017

Word & Numbershark 4.10 and CC4 Networks:

Other releases require different instructions:  Release 5  Release 4.09      Releases 4.01 - 4.08  

Wordshark 4.10 and Numbershark 4.10 both require packaging in order to run on a CC3® or CC4® RM®  network.

Note that it is possible to upgrade from version 4.10 to version 5. Version 5 has CC4 packages available for both Wordshark and Numbershark.

Several technicians have unzipped the standard Windows Wordshark 4.10 and Numbershark 4.10 files, and NOT used the MSIs for client-based or server-based installs, but instead have followed the Packaging Instructions: Wordshark and Numbershark 4.03- 4.09 for CC3 & CC4 to package the 4.10 release. Once packaged and deployed, they have then used the standard 4.10 MSI for installing the server MANAGER and SERVICE.  This procedure is not quick or partlcularly easy, and we advise that an upgrade to v5 is likely to be more cost-effective for most schools.