Updated 09 Feb 2017

Numbershark 4.10  Windows Network Instructions

Switch to Wordshark 4.10

We assume you have read the “Pre-Install Checks” short guide enclosed with the installation DVD.

Use the links below to download the latest instructions and files for Wordshark 5. Use the DVD only if it has arrived recently and your broadband is slow.

1. Start by deciding which of these install methods best suits your needs:

Server-based    Client-based   Peer-to-Peer     RM CC4 Package  Network includes Mac & Windows

2. If you are upgrading from an earlier release of Wordshark  read  about Upgrading from Earlier Releases  before proceeding.

3. Read the  Numbershark 4.10 Installation Instructions    

Note ALL types of install require .NET framework 3.5 (even if others, e.g. 4.5 are also installed) on the machine on which the program MANAGER and SERVICE will run. Lack of .NET 3.5 is the commonest install failure point. (See Section C)

4. If you have an infrastructure that includes Linux / Samba servers, or load balancing over several servers, read Special Situations (includes load balancing)

5. Download the zipped files containing the MSIs for your chosen install method:

Server-based install                 Client-based install

If carrying out a Client-based install, and experienced in performing silent installs, this document may help: Automated and Silent Installs

TheTroubleshooting Guide is worth reading whilst your files are downloading, as it includes common reasons why some installations fail.    

6.   Once your download is complete, ensure you are logged on to the server  with domain admin rights, then:


a) Double-click the downloaded file.

b) Follow on-screen instructions to specify the destination for the unzipped installation files.

c) Click “Unzip”.

d) Follow the Numbershark 4.10 Installation Instructions to proceed with the installation.

e) Note that Wordshark 5 and Numbershark 4.10 both use  the same MANAGER and SERVICE, so these do not have to be installed twice.

7. Support is available: support@wordshark.co.uk   phone: +44(0) 208 748 1170