Updated 09 Feb 2017

CC4 Network Instructions for Version 5:

Other releases require different instructions:     Release 4.10     Release 4.09      Releases 4.01 - 4.08  

LATEST NEWS   Numbershark 5 Network now available as a CC4 package from 7 Nov 2014

RM plc has worked with us to provide CC4 packages for Wordshark 5 and Numbershark 5 networks, allowing easy deployment to CC4 clients.

Upgrading Instructions ONLY required if you are upgrading from versions 3 or 4.

CC4 Package Instructions (Word Document)  or CC4 Package Instructions (PDF Document) explaining how to install both programs and including the links for:

NOTE: These packages are for RM CC4 only, and not for any other type of network.