Updated 09 Feb 2017

Activation Products

In addition to our network products, CD-based products and USB-based products,  Wordshark and Numbershark multiple single user licences are now available in several countries as “Activated” products.  Sales, on 0208 748 5920, can quote prices.

If your client machines are used as stand-alone / off network / for home use, then this may be more appropriate than the CD or USB products. This product is appropriate for stand-alone netbooks, and is also proving popular with peripatetic teaching staff who do not then need to take disks or USBs around with them.

The program is installed via a download or from a memory stick onto each machine, and automatically activated with our on-line activation database. Manual activation is also possible either from any other internet-enabled machine. If you have no internet access, activation is also possible by phone to Support during normal opening hours.

If your needs change, any machine's activated install may be deactivated from within the program. Once deactivated, that install is then available for reactivation onto a different machine. The one caveat is that if you dispose of the machine out without deactivating it, or the hard disk dies, you lose that licence. This is reflected in the price, which is cheaper than the CD (domestic) licence.

It is possible to install the activation product onto a machine for use off-network, AND have a separate program icon for our school network program for when the machine is attached to the network. Note, however, that user data does NOT synchronise between the two.