(All education staff)

B. Remove Students: Each teacher needs to remove from their admin screen students who are leaving their teaching group:

a. Each teacher logs on using their individual username/password for the program.

b. Admin / Manage (or Admin/Add and Manage students and staff).

c. Click [in the red box]  “Remove student or group”.

d. Click on each student (black type) or group (red type) to remove them from being viewed on this screen

i. Remove" means "remove from view", NOT "delete". The child’s user file remains  in the [server] data folder, and they will remain registered to the program, so other administrators can “capture” them to their own classes.

ii. However: IF the student is not associated with any other administrator and the teacher is signed on as an administrator, the option to: “Remove from list but leave in SHARK” or “Totally Erase” will be offered (see next section)