(Main administrator for the program)

C. Delete / Transfer Leavers: The program manager needs to delete (remove completely), or archive, students who are leaving the school or send records of their work in the program to their new school. Tidy up the data file.

a. In the data folder (Wordshark-shared / Numbershark-shared), there is a .sha file corresponding to each user. This is normally on the server: Right-click the desktop icon, left click “Properties”, and the path to this folder is shown in the “Start In” field.

b. The .sha file for each user may be forwarded to the next school, if that school is using the same version of the program or later: The .sha file contains that student’s own word lists and a record of the last 1000 games played.

c. Some schools manually transfer the .sha file for each leaver to an archive, in case it is requested by the receiving school or useful for research or tracking purposes.

d. An administrator can completely remove a student from within the program (delete from the [word][number]-shark-shared directory ONLY once all other administrators & sub-administrators have removed that student from their own lists. To identify these other staff, go to Admin/Add and Manage/Capture Existing Student, and note the names shown in red alongside each student. These staff will need to log in and remove them.  HOWEVER, a person with suitable permissions to access the –shared data directory may alternatively manually delete each .sha file  that is no longer needed from the –shared directory. Note that the file will be locked against deletion if the named user is actively accessing the program.

e. Tidy up the data file: Check the program is not actively being used (e.g. for the network product, open the program, sign on as Administrator / File / List of users. Check no-one else is listed and close the program). Delete any residual .LOCK files, .NLOCK files. Other than Admin_Lists, Options.sha, Keypad.sha,plistrec.sha, extraneous user names that appear alien may also be removed: In some releases, such files can linger if created by a “Temporary Student” who has failed to log off properly. Too many such files can slow the program or even prevent running. If there are HS_Err.PID files, this is a sign of corruptions at some point: Seek advice.