Updated 09 Feb 2017

Symptom: On running the program, an error message similar to the one above is displayed.

Cause: Our launcher program is unable to find our program files. These are normally stored EITHER on the server (check the icon properties “target” for location) OR on the local C: Drive / Program files / [Word][Number]shark [3][4]/[Word][Number]shark-Programs, or its subdirectories “Bin” or “Lib”.

Possible reasons:

A) You do not have “read” permissions for this class of users for our program directory, or one of  its sub-directories.  Solution: Adjust permissions. Note - if you appear to have “read” permissions, try inserting then reading a “Word” document that you  put in this directory and then in each of the sub-directories.

B) Some or all of the program directory “Wordshark-programs”, or its subdirectories “Bin” and “Lib” are missing.  Solution: Copy the missing files back in from the similarly named location on the install disk.

With thanks to Alison Powell for being the first to have, and report, this problem: Someone had “binned” her bin sub-directory!

strictions/Group Policies are in place preventing some or all classes of users from running executable files: adding exceptions for javaw.exe / wordshark.jar and Wordshark4nrun.exe to the Execution Control Policy on the server will often resolve this.

Error Messages: