Version 5:  (Years 2014 to present)

With seven years of development, Version 5 of Wordshark and Numbershark has greatly updated the “look and feel” of v3 and v4, whilst retaining almost all features of these earlier versions and expanding capability in many ways.

Both programs:

extensively re-programmed to bring the "look and feel" of the main screens and menu trees up to date, making them easier to use and visually less busy.

Hugely increased support for users: The "Help" menu now includes a .PDF manual, various printable resources and a set of video tutorials which together make it much easier for users new to v5 to make better use of the program.

New fast "picture based" sign-on, supporting very young children.

Administration functions have been expanded, to allow easier or automatic registration, deletion & archiving of large numbers of students, and making the setting of work and management of students easier.

For users with visual stress, the ability to select a suitable background colour for games has been improved, and now also applies to the word lists themselves

Records can now be exported, e.g. into "Excel" for further analysis

More games have been added

Many more minor tweaks to games, lists and functions to further improve the user experience

Technically, many changes to allow use on Windows 7 and 8, including touch-screen Windows 8.1 tablets, and for single-users on Macs, compatibility with Maverick OSX10.9 and (Dec 2014) Yosemite OSX10.10

  Unlike v3 and v4, the current production v5 releases can be updated/patched (in most cases via Help/Check for updates) .

Wordshark Version 5:

Several new courses have been added, including:

o one for high frequency words,

o one for "Everyday Vocabulary" for children with language delay and/or new to English,

o a structured 22-stage "Wordshark Course" covering reading and spelling from emergent reading & CVC words right up to adult vocabulary as a "challenge for able spellers".

o a  new “National Curriculum 2014” spelling course  (schools in England from September 2014)

The new  "Wordshark Course" includes a "placement test" giving guidance on an appropriate starting level.

Hugely expanded "Own word lists" function, which adds to the previous single word and single sound lists of v1-4: This now also allows you to include a picture or photo and a second sound which may, for example, be a definition, a translation into another language, or a study/revision aid. This function makes the program a powerful and inclusive tool for use across all subjects, ages and abilities.

The ability to import and export word lists and users, allowing collaboration/sharing between schools/parents/tutors.

All word lists in all courses now have a screen of "specially recommended games"

Numbershark Version 5:

 A new “National Curriculum 2014” course (schools in England from Sept  2014)

Topics now include a screen of "specially recommended games"

The ability to “export” one or more users from within the program, making collaboration and transfer much easier