MS Terminal Services/Thin Client /Citrix networks:

Minimum Specifications:

A growing number of schools in the UK and overseas use Wordshark and Numbershark networks successfully  on Citrix or Server 2008 /2012 terminal services/RDP, & with thin clients.

Citrix/Terminal Services are also used by schools wishing to staff/pupils to access Wordshark or Numbershark network from home or elsewhere, or via the VLE.


One attraction of this technology is the ability for staff/students to access the school’s networked Wordshark/Numbershark programs from home, for student homework, staff preparation, admin and monitoring.  This is currently allowed under our licence terms, and greatly extends the scope and value of both programs.

Please ring Support if you are considering buying our networked programs for use on these types of networks. Schools who have invested in good quality Citrix or Terminal Services infrastructure enjoy good access to our programs from within school, and also (subject to bandwidth/latency being adequate) from homes.

Others have attempted to create a system based on older machines or lower specification servers, where running quality has been poor. The following notes are taken from feedback reports from schools’ own experiences:

Citrix / Thin Client:

Successful schools have used Citrix Presentation Servers, v4.5 and later, using sufficient servers to handle the thin clients planned. As a guide:

Thin clients:  HP or Neowave, with XP embedded, 800MHz processors.  Wyse v7.0 has demonstrated poor sound quality, and later releases appear better.

Backbone: 1Gb Ethernet within school, allowing 100M per client. Note -  Wireless 802g  will only provide adequate bandwidth if there are several wired access points per classroom (1 per 5 computers as a guide)

For links between homes and school,  the school should have SDSL (not ADSL), with a minimum of 2Megs each way, with maximum 5:1 contention ratio. For the home user, ADSL 2Megs is fine, other than for recording of own words in Wordshark (best done within school)

Server 2008 / 2012 with RDP / Terminal Services:

Schools need a similar specification to the Citrix (above). Server 2008 sp2 (from Autumn 2009) and Server 2012 (R2) includes support to enable thin clients/remote desktops to handle a microphone, allowing recording of own words in Wordshark, There is a very short delay in sound being produced on remote desktops: Unless bandwidth/server power is limited, this is rarely a significant detriment to users, and is improving with each new release of RDP/Terminal services.

If the program closes on the first screen, this is usually because the soundcard is not being found. If using RDP, ensure you "Enable Sound". If running Terminal Services, the default on Server 2012R2 is that the Audio Service is disabled.  Go to Control Panel / Sound / Enable Sound