(Main administrator for the program)

D. Update Staff Users: The program manager needs to either remove staff who are leaving, OR rename them to their replacement’s name OR leave them “as is” (if that member of staff has created useful word lists that others will wish to continue using as a resource). It may be necessary to reset passwords for replacement staff or staff who have forgotten their password.

a. To remove staff, rename staff, or change their password, log onto the program as administrator. Admin / Add and Manage Students and Staff / [in the green box] “View an administrator”, and “View a subadministrator, click on the username showing in the box in top right, and remove, rename or change password as required. Note that an administrator can NOT rename or delete themselves!

b. Hint: It can be easier to register administrators / subadministrators by function, rather than by name “Music Coord”, “Class 4 Teacher” “Lit Support”.  If the class 4 teacher leaves, their replacement can take over that username (if given a replacement password as described above), and may also benefit from that user account having already constructed appropriate “Own word lists” or “set work” for children in that class.

c. NOTE that if a departing member of staff has created many useful/interesting Wordshark lists, then it may be worth renaming that person to something appropriate to the content of these lists, e.g. “Y7 History topics”. In this way, these lists may continue to be used in future years.

d. Any administrator for the program can reset passwords for other administrators and subadministrators, and rename or delete them. If you find that your only administrator has left or forgotten their password then contact Support with the following details: Support will then be able to supply a bypass password to resolve this.

i. Name of the administrator (from the sign on screen go to file / list of administrators)

ii. Version (from the sign on screen go to file / version)