(Main administrator for the program)

E. Add New Users: The program manager needs to add new students and staff.

a. If the Admin / Automatic Login box is ticked, and new users are created in exactly the same format at their unique Active Directory username, then students (not administrators/subadministrators) who log onto a computer and launch the program will be directed straight to their set work without having first to log onto the program. This saves time and reduces the chance of children logging on as someone else. NOTE that usernames need to be recognisable for this to be appropriate, as staff see the usernames on their admin screens.  “Bill.Smith5” will work: “BS5 5346XP13” will not!

b. To create new staff users, log onto the program as administrator. Admin / Add and Manage Students and Staff / [in the green box] “Set up a new administrator /subadministrator”  For a comparison between each type, visit this page

c.  New students may be added manually once either singly or in bulk from a .csv file.  

i. To create new student users manually, log onto the program as administrator. Admin / Add and Manage Students/Add new student. Several may be added at a time, with a comma after each name. IF a password is required, then adding students one at a time triggers a password request.

ii. To create from a .csv file which is in the format : Amy Smith, Bill Bloggs, Charlie Davies, either Admin / Add and Manage Students/Add new student and PASTE the .csv text into the dialogue box, OR click on the same item and select “Import student names”.

d. More information about bulk import and creating .csv files is available here