Updated 09 Feb 2017

Error Code 16:

Patch ONLY for Version 5 DVDs for Mac users upgrading to Yosemite OSX10.10

Since our Wordshark and Numbershark  5 DVDs were produced, Apple have further upgraded and altered their operating system. As a result, customers upgrading to or running OSX 10.10 “Yosemite” will experience an “Error Code 16” when attempting to install or run either program.

We have produced a fix for this issue for both programs, available as free downloads: Please click to download the patch for your program, and read the instructions below whilst the file downloads. This normally takes between 5 minutes and 2 hours, depending on your broadband connection speed.

                         WORDSHARK:                                                            NUMBERSHARK:

The .dmg file is usually saved into the downloads folder, unless you have specified an alternative location:

To apply the download:

 Start by checking the program DVD is NOT currently in your DVD drive.

 Delete the current Wordshark/Numbershark 5 program by dragging it from Applications to Trash.

 IF you already have the program icon in the dock please also delete this.

 Double click on the .dmg file to mount the disk image. This should appear on your desktop:

 Drag the Wordshark/Numbershark 5 folder into the Applications folder, as shown by the grey arrow above.

 After copying has finished, unmount the disk image by dragging to Trash, or by ejecting from ‘devices’.

 Insert your program DVD into the machine. Give it a few seconds to be recognised by the OSX.

 Go to your Applications folder. Launch the program via the Wordshark/Numbershark 5 app.

 You can drag the app to your dock for easy access in the future.

 This installation window may appear automatically after a few seconds. If it does not, double-click the disk image to open this window: