(All education staff)

F. Create new teaching groups: Each teacher needs to create new teaching groups, then “Capture” to their [sub]admin view, students who are joining their teaching groups.

a. Each teacher logs on using their individual username/password for the program.

b. Admin / Manage (or Admin/Add and Manage students and staff).

c. Click [in the red box]  “Create new group or class” and enter a suitable name/label.

d. Note that by then clicking on an existing group or class it is possible to make groups within classes, to aid setting of differentiated work.

e. Once students has been added by any administrator (E. above) any other administrator or subadministrator can “capture” any student:  Admin / [add and] Manage Students:  Click [in the red box] “Capture existing student”. If you wish to place students directly into their correct class, first click on that class, and then click on the students listed in the box, top right. Note that if a student has already been captured by other staff, the staff names will be shown in red next to that student. Any student may be”captured” and subsequently given work, by any number of staff.