Progress and Feedback

Update 07 March 2011:

Posts have now been filled. We thank you all again for your interest.

 Update 27 February 2011:

We have now carried out first round interviews, and interviewees from this round will be contacted during this next week, 28 Feb-3 Mar. We will post a notification here once posts are filled OR if we are to move to a second long-list.

White Space Ltd is well established, and terms and conditions of employment with the company are attractive. We have a very low staff turnover, so rarely have vacancies. We hope that the following pointers and feedback will be useful, should you see any future job opportunities with us, or be applying for positions in other companies. With so many applicants, we regret that we simply cannot give individual feedback.

We were pleased to receive almost 130 applications before the deadline for longlisting,  9am on 17th February. This compares with 43, with a larger advert, for our previous round of local advertising five years ago.  

Well over thirty more arrived after that deadline, so could not be considered. These, along with applications not longlisted on the first round, will be reconsidered if we do not appoint, or need more staff in the near future.

Well over 20 applicants had degrees, including some at Master’s level, and many of these were in related subjects such as IT or Computing+Business.  Over 50 applicants had extensive experience in IT and/or  IT support, and many of  these also had experience of working with school networks. Even more had a range of related IT professional qualifications. Almost all other applicants had experience of non-IT support roles.

With such a field to long-list from, we are very aware that many good applicants who might reasonably have expected to have been interviewed in a more buoyant economy never even reached the longlist. We feel for each one of you, and hope that you will find the employment you deserve before long.

Some general pointers & feedback:

1. The post-holders need high standards of attention to detail, and to literacy, including spelling and grammar. A few applicants felt it appropriate to write in “txt spk i wnt a jb”.      Saying you have “a hi standurd of literasy”  or    “a good eye for for detail”, do not strengthen an application.

2. Unexplained gaps in work records do not help. Even “Unemployed” is better.

3. We were looking for staff to join a team. It helped us if your letter or CV revealed something of your hobbies, interests, voluntary activities and personality.

4. Some applicants had clearly studied our websites and products, studied web reviews of our products, mentioned these in their letter and tailored their letter to the job. This level of preparation reflects well on any applicant. Others simply sent out a letter and CV that could be sent to any company, and for any job. We were looking for team members who showed some interest in us, and our products, and what we stand for, not simply individuals wanting a job.