Updated 09 Feb 2017

Importing Student Names into Wordshark and Numbershark from School Data Files:

Importing from Excel

Ideally, you need an Excel list that has all the pupil names (or user logins) in a single column. Do not include passwords, or these may be created as additional students!

If you already have the names in two columns, like this, you need to join them together (“Concatenate”) them.

This document gives you more detailed instructions

To do this, type a command in another

column to concatenate: In this example,

=concatenate(a11," ",b11)

(The “  “ adds a space between first

name and second name)

Copy this command to the rest of the column.

Select the names in column C, then Edit/Copy

then Edit/Paste Special/Values to a new spreadsheet.

Save this as an Excel spreadsheet, and use as your source data for your import.

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