Updated 09 Feb 2017

SYMPTOM:  On double-clicking the icon, the program loads to the first splash screen. This displays for around 20-30 seconds,  but then fades.  All other causes for this have already been checked.


We have a single case of a Windows computer failing to run which was eventually traced to it being unable to run Java. Java is a computer programming language, which usually behaves well.

Am I affected?

Check to see if you have a new file placed on your desktop, “hs_log_pid” If you do, read:


Next, check that Java programs run on your computer. This web page helps you to check this:


If you see this message, then Java is working. Contact us, as you may have discovered a new reason for our program not running.

Known Issues:

Program closes after opening screen

Generally, downloading and installing the latest version of Java solves the issue immediately.

If Java fails to work, despite installing the latest version,  then we have so far found three possible reasons:

1. Our single customer so far found that updating his computer BIOS immediately fixed the issue, and allowed his computer to run Java (and hence Wordshark). The updated BIOS fixed an issue with process protection managed at the CPU level. The CPU in question was an Intel Atom.

2. It is also possible that this problem can be cause by an incompatibility between Java and a very small number of graphics cards with outdated drivers.  Very often, updating the graphics driver sorts the problem. This is documented at: http://www.java.com/en/download/help/minecraft_error.xml

3. In researching this issue, we found that Java can also be “killed” by DEP (Data Execution Prevention). The link below takes three pages to work to a solution, which appears to be bracketed with “Problem Events” in the on-screen error message of Exception Code: c0000005 or event “BEX”.