2. Job Description

2.1 You will be based in the customer support team office, in Rainworth near Mansfield, Notts.

2.2 Your core task will be to provide technical support to purchasers of the Programs, by phone, email or via remote computer access. Many issues will be easily resolvable but there will also be more challenging situations requiring help from or referral to colleagues. Customers include technicians, IT co-ordinators, teachers, network managers, tutors and parents. The technical and educational knowledge and experience of the customers varies widely and you will need to adapt to each situation.

2.3 The team is primarily responsible for post sale customer support, but they also advise prospective customers on technical requirements for running the programs.

2.4 The team also give advice to customers on using the programs, so you will need to become very familiar with the ways in which the Programs can best be used.

2.5 The working week will vary between 20 and 36 hours per week. This will be set in advance to take account of the needs of both the Company and yourself. A 9.00 am start and/or a 5 pm finish will normally be required. Staff will work a rota which will be set down at least a month in advance and not normally varied in this period.    

2.6 You may be required to visit London up to 6 times per year. Additional travel time for these meetings is not paid, though all reasonable travel costs and expenses are reimbursed.


2.7 There may be opportunities to become involved in other areas of the Company outside this job description, where your experience and aptitude meet a Company need.