Updated 09 Feb 2017

Other known causes:

There is an older version that has not been uninstalled.

The program was installed by someone who was not a computer administrator

The wordshark-programs folder, or some of its contents, has been moved or deleted

Wordshark-programs or wordshark-public have not been allowed “read” access  

The storage device used for the [prog]-shared data files has become full to capacity, and is unable to save data

User files have become corrupted: Empty out the user files in wordshark-shared.  Restart the program and enter the licence details.  If the program runs, then one or more user files are corrupt. Contact us, as we may be able to effect a repair and advise further.

Rarely, we have found  that a “Computer Administrator” cannot install onto a networked machine, as a network group policy has given “Computer administrators” fewer rights than the Network Administrator: On networked machines, the installer should be signed on as Network Administrator.

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The next most common reasons are that the admin option “No ‘temporary’ students” is unticked. OR permissions on the [word][number]shark-shared directory do not include “Modify”.

In either case, this can result in a build up of lock files in the [word][number]shark-shared directory. Deleting these lock files,  ensuring correct permissions, and ticking the box “No temporary students” will  correct the problem and pre

vent the problem from recurring.

Error Messages: Fatal Exception Occurred: Program will exit