Network Licence (for PC/Windows ONLY).

Please note the “Networks” tab on this site, particularly if your school uses network management software. Further information about Network licences

The URL for version 5 Network MSIs and instructions are enclosed with the network licence key, available from here: Version 5 networks no longer need an install disk.

Single User DVD Licence*:   Designed for use on non-networked  PCs and Apple Macintosh computers with a DVD drive. If you have no DVD drive, this product is not suitable. The program may be installed onto several machines, as the DVD acts as “portable licence”, it must be in the local (internal or external) drive whilst the program runs. The data is stored on each machine separately. Great for:

USB Single User Licence*: The program runs from a USB stick, which also stores the data. Great portability for PC & Mac users:

Activated Licence (Not available in all countries): The program is installed onto a given number of  computers (from a download or via a USB stick) and is then activated on-line. If each licence may be “deactivated” from a computer, e.g. prior to decommissioning, then they may be reactivated onto different machines.  Once installed, it essentially works similarly to the CD licence but needs no CD or CD drive

Contact us for advice if you have special requirements (e.g. Peripatetic teaching staff, prison education departments)