We are able to offer only limited general support for Linux server users.

We are unable to offer support for hybrid networks (i.e. mixture of any two of Linux / PC / Mac). The different file locking  processes involved for each when used together on a network means that file sharing corruptions  are very likely to occur. These can result in data loss and loss of functionality

The following notes may help experienced Linux network techs “DiY” if given a  PC network disk to install.

Using a Linux server with Windows clients to run our PC network versions of Wordshark 4 or Numbershark 4: This normally works well if you locate the program -public and -programs files on  Windows machines and use the Linux Samba Server as a fileserver for the -shared data folder only. Further notes relating to version 5 networks are within the v5 instructions

Using a Linux server with Mac clients:

We are unable to support this beyond providing these Instructions: Download Samba.zip