Updated 09 Feb 2017

“Temporary Students”  have NO password, and no data is preserved when they log off.  Thus, they cannot be set work and they always start on the default start set of words. In Wordshark, they  are unable to create their own word lists.   Details

Why have passwords?

For all users except “Temporary Students”, our programs store user data, including records of games played.  As a data protection matter, users must be allowed the option to be password-protected.

Registered students CAN have a password, given to them OR chosen by them. They can also select to have “No Password”  Details

Registered Program Administrators / Teachers MUST have a password, given when they are first set up.  If an administrator forgets their password, they are unable to administrate their students.  A lost administrator password can be reset by any other administrator. If there is no other administrator available, we are able to help. Details

Changing a known password or  creating a password:

Any registered user (student, Administrator or Teacher  (v4 Sub-Administrator)  can sign on, go to their menu item “Settings for [username]” / “Password Change” and give themselves a password.  

If a student has been set up with no password, that student can create a password for him/herself in the same way.

Notes about Passwords & Users