Current & Recent Production Versions of Wordshark & Numbershark:

Our Wordshark 5 requires OSX 10.6 or later.

Leopard users normally enjoy good service from our CD and Network products from  our Wordshark and Numbershark  4.05 to 4.08 , including our 4.08 USB and Activated products  and our 4.09 Network products.

For Numbershark CD 4.08 ONLY, ensure the CD is labelled “4.08R”, as the “4.08” is for PC only.  (Wordshark 4.08 is Mac/PC compatible)

Wordshark Versions 3s.06 - 3s.08 and Numbershark 3.06 - 4.02:

The login box on the initial screen may disappear. Please click into the box before starting to type your user name. If you click outside the login box, the login may disappear behind the sharks. If this happens, please minimise, then maximise, to regain the login box, OR close and restart the program.   If the Mac Dock is positioned down the left side of the screen, graphics will malfunction. Please move the dock to the top, bottom or right edge. Double-clicking some menu items may result in a grey screen or flashing. A single click works.  

When Mac updated Java to 1.5, this introduced some graphics problems  including “Click to view subadministrator, menu bars occasionally remaining on -screen, and on-screen keypad disappearing behind the games screen. In some cases, it is not possible to enter text into the logon box.  Changes resulting from this Mac update were included in v4.05

A rare permission problem causing an “Error code 10”, affects users of  OSX 10.5, 10.6 when signed on under different user names. This issue was corrected in version 4.04

 Upgrading removes these issues.

Notes for OSX 10.5 Leopard

(available from  Oct 07)