Notes for OSX 10.7 Lion

(available from  Jul 2011)

Current & Recent Production Versions of Wordshark & Numbershark:

Lion customers report that Wordshark 5 works well, but note that Java needs to be updated to at least 1.6.   Wordshark 5 is available on a USB, DVD and as an Installed/Activated product. There is no CD or network product for Wordshark 5.

Minor issue: The first DVD release of Wordshark 5 invites reinstall  whenever inserted (this has to be ignored):  This is fixed in DVD release 2, available from May 2014.

Wordshark and  Numbershark 4.08  (and 4.09, network only):

Lion users normally enjoy good service from our USB, Activated, CD and Network products from our release 4.08 - 4.09.

For Numbershark CD 4.08 ONLY, ensure the CD is labelled “4.08R”, as the “4.08” is for PC only.  (Wordshark 4.08 is Mac/PC compatible)

Wordshark and Numbershark 4.07:

The CD products may require a patch to resolve an  “Error Code 18”    OR you may consider an upgrade. USB, network and activation products do run.

Wordshark and Numbershark 4.05 and 4.06:

The CD products are not compatible: If you have these, consider an upgrade. USB, network and activation products do run.  However, a small number of schools (almost all in New Zealand) have experienced permissions issues with their network versions as a result of network-wide policies. A small number have found that on-screen keypads have not displayed correctly.  Network release 4.05 includes additional coding that addresses both issues. Please contact us if your school network (any version) appears to function less than perfectly

Wordshark Versions 3s.06 - 4.04 and Numbershark 3.06 - 4.04:

These releases are not able to run successfully on Lion. If you have one of these releases, consider an upgrade.