Updated 09 Feb 2017 Patches for Wordshark 3s.07 &  Numbershark 3.07  To check your version, open Wordshark or Numbershark and go to “File / Version”.  The patches below should not be used with any other releases. Wordshark 3s.07 Single User CD Numbershark 3.07 Single User CD Wordshark 3s.07 Network Numbershark 3.07 Network


Version 5: Patches are available on-line, via a link in Help/Check for Updates. Before applying patches, please ensure that other users have logged off the computer, and you have logged on as the computer administrator.

Version 5 DVD  Mac users upgrading to Yosemite: Unless you “check for updates” and apply these before upgrading to Yosemite, you may find your previously working Wordshark 5 or Numbershark 5 DVD returns an “Error Code 16”.   Installing our DVD releases 5.01 and 5.02 onto Yosemite “from new” will also return this error. We have patches for this issue here

We expect to have 5.03 DVDs available that have this additional coding built in by the end of 2014, and UK customers who do not wish to patch may exchange their earlier DVD releases for the nominal  “damaged disk” charge from Jan 2015.