Updated 09 Feb 2017

Using v3.07 to v4.10?

If so, once registered into one of our programs, students can all be registered into the sister program at the touch of a button.

Version 5: Use detailed notes in network instructions

If you have both Wordshark and Numbershark releases 3.07 or later, once you have registered students into one program, you can very quickly register them all into the sister program:

1. Open Wordshark and Numbershark. Go to File / Version. Check that both are release 3.07 or later.

2. Register your students into either one of the programs. You may wish to import in bulk electronically

3. Close that program. Open the other program. Sign on as an administrator.

4. Go to Admin / Add and Manage / Add Student.

5. Click on the button “Import from  [word][number]shark”.

6. The program will locate the opposite [word][number]shark-shared folder and you will have the option to remove any names you do not want to import. Remove any names that are administrators, or they will be moved across as students,  Click “OK” to finish.

7. If  you realise you have imported “extras” the fastest way to remove them is to close the program, and delete from the [word][number]shark-shared folder.