Updated 09 Feb 2017

As a further support for busy classrooms, both programs from v3.07 to v5 support Shibboleth logging in:   Register a child to either program using their network login ID: When they use the program having first logged onto the computer, they will be allowed directly into the program without having to sign on for a second time.

If you have  Wordshark and Numbershark releases 3.07 or later, and have registered students into the  program using their normal network login names, you can very quickly activate “Automatic sign-on using user name” under the Admin menu.  This then saves students time at the start of each Wordshark or Numbershark session.

1. Open Wordshark or Numbershark. Go to File / Version. Check it is release 3.07 or later.

2. Sign on as a Wordshark/Numbershark Administrator. Go to the Admin menu and tick the box “Automatic sign-on using user name”.

3. Note that this will work for student users ONLY. Program administrators will still have to sign on and type their passwords.

4. Also in the Admin menu there is an option to tick “No Temporary Students”. This will prevent students from using the program unless they are logged in and registered.

Be aware that with this feature activated, if a student leaves a computer without logging off, then a different student could open Wordshark or Numbershark and use the programs as if they were that student.

With this feature activated, it is still possible to go to the “Other Students” menu and sign on other students even though they are not logged onto that computer.