Updated 09 Feb 2017

4. Your anti-virus program incorrectly scans the whole program before loading OR detects one or more of  our files as a virus and deletes or quarantines it. The anti-virus program may be set to scan the whole program before loading. This can take up to 15 minutes, before which the program  may “time out” and close, OR depending on how CPU is available to the AV sometimes works, sometimes closes.  Rarely, an anti-virus program has deleted or quarantined one or more files, causing the program to not load.  To test for both events, remove the computer from  the Internet, switch the anti-virus program  off, uninstall, reinstall and run. If this works, please adjust your anti-virus settings. If you have two anti-virus programs running, e.g. Windows Defender (built into the MS operating system) AND your own anti-virus program, the power needed to run both may leave the computer with insufficient power to run our program. Try running with just one or other enabled.

  Example, with a school using Sophos EndPoint Security & Control 10

The following notes and screenshot are courtesy of a school whose computers sometimes loaded, sometimes closed at opening screen. Adding exclusions solved the issue.

Whilst this school used Sophos Anti-Virus from Sophos Endpoint Security and Control.  Product version 10.0 other versions of Sophos, and other AV programs using “Scan onb access” may experience similar issues.

If you have on-access scanning enabled you will need to exclude the Wordshark/Numbershark folders from scanning.  This is done via the console and the configuration for on-access scanning.

Add a “Windows Exclusion” to the Exclusions tab for each folder for Wordshark except the “wordshark-shared” folder, which as the only folder that is not “read only” is worth scanning.

Make sure the PCs update by logging on and checking the exclusion is now present in the list, then test the program again.  It should open very much faster, and not hang after the initial splash screen.

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