4. Employment Terms


4.1 Place of Work: The normal place of work will be an office in Rainworth, Mansfield Notts.  


4.2 Working Hours: All White Space employees are encouraged to work less than “full time”, to allow the opportunity for other interests, commitments and career development.  The days will normally be from 9am to 5pm, for between 20 and 36 hours each week unless mutually agreed otherwise. There is a requirement for flexibility of hours and days to ensure that the team covers support requirements. This may include additional days, for example during major education shows or to cover holidays or sickness. Such additional days may be either on a paid or “similar time off in lieu” basis


4.3 Holidays: Holiday entitlement bank holidays plus 20 days, all paid annually at the pro-rata daily rate, reflecting actual part-time hours (full time=2080hrs). The majority of holidays are to be taken during school holidays. The holiday year is Jan-Dec, and holidays may not be transferred between years.

4.4 Pay: This is paid on the basis of the hours worked pro-rata to the annual salary which is in the range of £14,000 to £19,000 depending on skills and experience. Salaries are paid monthly in arrears. The Company also pays a 6 monthly bonus – see 4.5 below.

4.5 Bonus The Company has paid a discretionary bonus in each of the last 5 years. The amount depends on the overall success of the company and an individual’s contribution to this. In recent years the average bonus rate has exceeded 10% of earnings.

4.6 Pension: After the 6 month probationary period the Company contributes a minimum of 6% of basic salary each year to a movable SIPP (Self Investment Pension Plan) for each employee. Employees do not have to add to this contribution unless required by future legislation.


4.7 Sick pay: This is paid at the average daily rate of earnings in the previous two months for the first week, and thereafter in line with statutory regulations.

4.8 Notice: Your employment is subject to satisfactory completion of a six-month probationary period, during which there is a mutual notice period of two weeks. On award of a permanent contract, the amount of notice of termination of your employment that you are entitled to receive is 2 months, and the amount of notice you are required to give is 2 months.  After two years employees are entitled to receive 3 months notice.