Updated 09 Feb 2017

Upgrading machines from Single User (CD or v5 DVD) versions to Network Versions

Please contact us if  you are hoping to install the network version onto a stand-alone machine:

This is not possible on releases produced from January 2009, and Sales can adviise on alternative products.

1.  The CD versions place entries in registry which could cause issues for the v4 network version, and the presence of two similar icons on the desktop can confuse students and staff. We advise that you backup the student data (if this is still required) and then go to control panel / add and remove programs/ uninstall the program in the usual way, BEFORE installing the network version.  

2.  To back up the data: Locate the data directory :

“nshark-shared” or “numbershark-shared” (Numbershark) or

“shark-shared” or “Wordshark-shared” (Wordshark).

These are normally either in c:\program files or in c:\documents and settings\all users\application data. Back up the contents to a safe location.  DELETE any file called “options.sha.” and any files with suffix “.sht” or “HS_err_PID” or .LOCK

3.  You may find that the CD stand-alone version has been installed on several machines, so backing up may take some time. Advise education staff that if a user has been registered onto several machines with the same user name that only on instance may be retained, as there can only be one instance of each user’s file in the new network version.

4.  Look ALSO in the nshark-public, numbershark-public, shark-public or wordshark-public for any file called “publictopics2”, “publictopics3” etc.  These will only exist if an administrator has created a “course” in a release prior to 3.03. They may again be on several machines. These will need to be placed into the -shared directory of the new network install.

5.  The -shared folders from which you removed the old data will not normally be removed when uninstalling the program (to prevent loss of data): At this stage we advise you to manually remove these folders.

6.   Read the main “Network Installation Manual” for Wordshark or Numbershark to install the new network version. On first run, after enter the licence code (v4) or activation (v5) sign on using a name not already used in your backed up .sha files.  Close the program, and restore all the .sha files into the newly created [word][number]shark-shared folder on the server. DO NOT copy the old -shared file across - JUST copy the cleaned -up user files (step 2), and then add in “publictopics2,3,4…” also into the -shared folder (do NOT restore into the -public folder, even if this is where they were in the earlier version).

7.  Run the program again. Sign on as a program administrator. Go to Admin / Add and manage / “Capture existing student” to re-register the students. Brief other administrators that they also need to do this for students that they wish to administer. At this point, ensure that your first back-up of the {word][number]shark - shared folder is completed. It is worth checking through the main “Network Installation Manual” for Wordshark or Numbershark, and particularly the “Setup and Testing  section.