Updated 09 Feb 2017

Installing a Network Version 4 where there is an earlier network installation of  Wordshark 3 or Numbershark 3:

The process is essentially the same as for upgrading from the CD standalone version, except that the [word][number]shark-shared folder should be on the server (do not assume this - check anyway!

Overview:   Back up old data, uninstall old version, install new version, run new version to enter licence details and a new administrator, close and move backed up data into [word][number]shark-shared data directory. Complete testing

Note that if the previous installation was prior to 3.03 you will still need to check the -public folder for all client machines as above. If the student data is already on the server within shark-shared [for Wordshark] or nshark-shared [for Numbershark] you will need to back that up, place all the .sha files into  the new wordshark-shared, and then ensure that the desktop icon “start-in” points to the new wordshark-shared.

Some techs rely on the old icon, which rarely works after a reinstall!  In any case, delete the old options.sha from the old [word][number]shark-shared data.

Read the main “Network Installation Manual” for Wordshark or Numbershark. Install the new network version as instructed. On first run,  enter the licence code, and sign on using a name not already used in your backed up .sha files.  Close the program, and restore all the .sha files into the newly created [word][number]shark-shared folder on the server.

Add in “publictopics2” etc also into the -shared folder (NOT into the -public folder).

Run the program again. Sign on as a program administrator. Go to Admin / Add and manage / “Capture existing student” to re-register the students. Brief other administrators that they also need to do this for students that they wish to administer. At this point, ensure that your first back-up of the {word][number]shark - shared folder is completed. It is worth checking through the main “Network Installation Manual” for Wordshark or Numbershark, and testing as described in section E. Note too the main extra features.

Complete testing by signing in as Admin user. Go to menu Admin / Advanced Features / Check user files.

This will check file integrity, will reset any user whose file is detected as corrupt as a new user, and advise you.

Please contact us if  you are hoping to install the network version onto a stand-alone machine:

This is not possible on releases produced from January 2009. Contact Sales for advice about our alternative products .

If you are upgrading your Wordshark or Numbershark network, please note that the licence enclosed with the new disk supercedes that provided with the old disk.

You are not licenced to continue using the previous network, and this should be fully uninstalled as soon as student data has been backed-up. Please shred the old licence sheet if not already returned to us, to avoid future techs inadvertently attempting to enter the old licence code into the newer version.

Installing a Network Version 5 where there is an earlier network installation of  Wordshark or Numbershark 3 or 4:

Follow the “Upgrading” section provided within the v5 instructions