Current & Recent Production Versions of Wordshark & Numbershark:

(Releases 4.06  to the current v5.)

“Windows 8” - the full OS, is developed from  Windows 7, and requires a computer of similar power.

The current releases, Wordshark 5 and Numbershark 5, run well on Windows 8 & 8.1 computers with no known OS related issues. They also work on 8.1 touch screens / tablets, though a very small number of games remain easier to use with a mouse or touchpad. Generally, larger touch screens are easier to use than smaller ones, and a stylus can give more precision than many fingers.

Some Windows 8 machines have compromised on quality of speakers/soundcards, and we recommend the use of external powered speakers which normally give much better sound quality. This is particularly important when using Wordshark in phonics mode.

Our earlier releases  4.06 onwards install and run on Windows 8 machines, when using a standard (non-touch) monitor, keyboard and mouse or other pointing device. Whilst there is some limited functionality with Windows 8 touch screens, these releases are not designed for Win8 touch screen compatibility though they normally run well on interactive white boards.

We advise an upgrade if you are using releases 4.05 and earlier and are moving to Win8, and/or moving to x64 bit.

Notes for Windows 8 & 8.1:

(available from 26 Oct 2012 in the UK)