Updated 09 Feb 2017

2. If the program will not install:

A) Ensure you are signed on as the computer administrator. If on a network, ensure you are signed on as NETWORK manager, not just as a local admin.

B) Try pressing on “Continue” but also try “Try Again” several times, leaving a second or two between presses.

C) Rarely, this can happen even when signed on as computer administrator, and the “Continue/Try Again” do not work.   This has so far only been reported on machines with an external hard disk and 2 CD/DVD drives.  Go to add/remove programs, and “Add Program”. To date, this has worked. Please contact Support if this does not help.

D) Rarely, this message has occurred and been traced to the CD drive itself not working. Please check by using another disk.

E) Equally rarely, this message has occured and been traced to a CD that is damaged. If possible, try installing the disk onto another computer

Known Issues: “Windows - No Disk” error