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Community Connect 3(tm) and 4(tm)  CC3  CC4

Network versions



Network releases from September 2014:

Wordshark 5.003.03   Numbershark 5.003.03

 Please see “Update Nov 2014” for the latest news.

Network releases from January 2014:

Wordshark 4.10,  Wordshark 5  and  Numbershark 4.10

  Please see “Update May 2014” for the latest news.


Network Releases from  4.03 to 4.09

These releases are compatible with CC3 and CC4,

These releases can quickly and easily  be packaged, the longest job being the time needed to set up a “clean” PC. NOTE that each network disk is unique to each school, so other schools’ packages WILL NOT WORK!  It is possible to buy in RM or other providers to carry out the packaging if you do not wish to do this yourself.

  We worked in partnership with the RM Packaging Dept at Didcot to produce and test  instructions complete with screenshots for packaging / installing these network versions onto CC3 and CC4.

Packaging Instructions: Wordshark and Numbershark 4.03- 4.09 for CC3 & CC4

Network Releases  from 3.06 to 4.02 Note: We are no longer able to support version 3 products

These releases are compatible with CC3 and CC4. The network disk has to be installed as a CC3/CC4  "package".  The standard MSI on our network disk is not designed for CC3, and should not be used.

 Technical articles using the CC3 “Application  Wizard”, based with permission on the RM technical articles, are linked above:  Note that the “video tutorial” on the RM Website may be useful, but please do not attempt to use the Wordshark 3s.08 - RM Package Blueprint: Published Date : 24 Jul 2008   Content Ref: DWN1262576 as this only works for the single school for which the disk was produced!

Packaging Instructions Releases

3.06 to 4.02 (up to Dec 08)

Wordshark 3s.06-4.02 packaging (38Kb) based on: http://www.rm.com/Support/TechnicalArticle.asp?cref=TEC477674

Numbershark 3.05 -4.02 packaging (39Kb) based on: http://www.rm.com/Support/TechnicalArticle.asp?cref=TEC483410&nav=0

Network Releases from 3.01 to 3.05

These are NOT compatible with  CC4, and would need to be upgraded if  you are moving to CC4. (Contact Sales for an upgrade price).

/Update November 2014: The new Numbershark 5 has now also a generic RM CC4 package. Both packages are available from here (free of charge, but require purchase of a network activation licence from Sales

Update May 2014:  The new Wordshark 5 has been designed to allow the creation of a generic RM CC4 package/blueprint for ease of installation on CC4 networks.

This is now released (mid May 2014).

Please email us if you wish to be informed of progress for Numbershark packaging.

Several techs have successfully followed the CC4 packaging instructions for 4.03 to 4.09 for  the 4.10 releases: Please contact us if you have the 4.10 release and need packaging advice

Update Nov 2013: When packaging, ensure windows search service on your packaging machine is disabled to avoid creation of extraneous registry & file system entries.

Update Feb 2013: Three schools on CC4+ Win7x32 bit  are now reporting problems deploying packages: This was investigated by RM. An update of CC4 appears to resolve.  The folder on the P: drive just needed modify access for the policy group that was using our software.

Update Feb 2012: Schools with CC4.3 (Server 2008 + Win7) confirm successful packaging using the normal CC4 instructions (link on left column)

Update Nov 2010: Schools on CC4+ Win7x32 bit confirm successful packaging of v4.07, when following the 4.03+ instructions. v4.06 was the first Win7-compatible (32 and 64-bit) release.

Update Jul 2009

What to do if you obtain an “Error code 9” or “Error code 1306” on package deallocation