Updated 09 Feb 2017

VERSION 5:  We have worked closely with Ergo F2T staff to ensure a smooth install for Wordshark 5 and Numbershark 5 networks.

Earlier versions:

Staff at Ergo Free2Teach  have kindly provided this link for schools wishing to install our networked products onto their F2T network, assuming use of XP client machines. Alternatively, Ergo will package at their normal price.


Whilst the document refers to Wordshark 3, the process is similar for Wordshark 4 and Numbershark 4.

If you have any problems during this process or are unsure of anything then contact Ergo on their support line (0115 9144 160).

We have found that very few Ergo F2T schools experience any problems once these instructions are followed, and our programs run well on their systems.

If you experience any problems after install, please contact us. We will work with you to check whether you have a known issue with our program, and resolve this.

We are unable ourselves to offer support on the F2T system itself., but have so far enjoyed a good working relationship with Ergo Support  for the handful of cases that have needed a dual approach.

See also FAQ9: Running the single user CD on a school network of any type

(NOT recommended for Free2Teach  networks)

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