Updated 09 Feb 2017

This protection software is designed to provide extra system protection, so is increasingly popular in schools. It resets client computers to initial settings on rebooting, thus cancelling any  work or records created by a user.  This can be a useful feature in a training suite or other education setting, as it eliminates any unwanted actions by user.

We advise that schools and organisations using HDGuard should use our network versions, rather than the CD-based “single user” versions. The network versions save data to a server, and as the program content based on the client machines is “read only”, it will not  be affected by HDGuard clearing out and resetting the local file.  Our network versions and HDGuard are fully compatible with each other.

If using the “single user” CD version of the program, then HDGuard deletes the data saved in local folders by Wordshark and Numbershark, thus deleting records of games played, work set, or children registered. Whilst our stand-alone versions will run on networks protected by HDGuard, their functionality is greatly reduced.

HDGuard from RDT Global