The following have some issues or special instructions:

Please contact us for details:

CSE     Ranger     Winsuite     HdGuard     RM CC3 and CC4

Ergo Free to Teach        C2K (Northern Ireland)

Very old versions of our software  Linux     Thin Client/Citrix

Click to view potential issues with all of the following (Opens in new window):

Virtual Drives  Securus,   Dolphin SuperNova

Daemon Tools,    Alcohol,    Nero,   CloneCD

Anti-Virus programs

Hybrid Mac/Windows networks (e.g. Windows Server  with Mac clients, or a mixture of Windows and Mac clients): These will work ONLY if utilising our Windows Network product and virtualising (e.g. RDP/Citrix) to the client machines.. Please contact us  prior to purchase if you may need this option.  Attempting to run the Windows Network product natively on non-Windows machines will not work.

Microsoft Multipoint Server: This allows several screens/ monitors/ users to work off a single base station, which may be a server or powerful standalone or networked client machine. This technology is not compatible with our SINGLE COMPUTER USER LICENCES. A network version of our program is required.

Several computer solutions firms, e.g. SoftXpand, Miniframe, Ncomputing, offer variants of Microsoft Multipoint: Again, a network version of our program is required.

Printer Issues: These are very rare, and normally solved by installing the latest drivers for the specific printer, ensuring the required printer is set as the default, and ensuring you have default paper size set to A4.

The only known issue is with the HP Deskjet 3050A e-All-in-One Printer. As at Nov 2015, even with latest printer drivers installed, printing for our programs is poorly formatted and unusable on this printer. This is known to have affected a small number of our customers. We have contacted HP Support, who have declined to work with us on this issue. We can only advise that if you need to print from our programs and have this printer that you need to use a different printer.

Android tablets / Kindle / iPad / Windows 8 RT Tablets & similar:

These are not currently compatible with our large programs, which need a Microsoft or Mac OSX computer, so we are unable to support running on these. However, school technicians may wish to experiment with running remote desktop/RDP from our version 5 networked products to such devices. This is known to work, though very dependent on the skills of the technician and the network infrastructure.  Generally, our programs are easier to use with mouse/keyboard than with an on-screen keyboard.