Updated 09 Feb 2017

Wordshark and Numbershark from v3.07 accept bulk import of student names from .csv (Comma Separated Variable) and other data files

This facility can save you or your colleagues from having to type in the names of the students you want to register into Wordshark or Numbershark.  It is most worth doing if you want to register 30 or more students. This feature does NOT work for registering staff, who need to be given individual passwords.

For detailed instructions, with screenshots suitable to give to clerical staff, click here.

In outline you:

1. Open Wordshark/Numbershark. Go to File / Version. Check that it is release 3.07 or later.

2. Obtain a file of your student’s names, in the format:   name,name,name

Examples:  Billy Smith, Freda Tonks, Willy Wonka,   or   Bsmith01,Ftonks06,Wwonka03,

 Spaces and numbers are fine. Do not include passwords.  If your students log into the computers with unique usernames, then a .csv file of these usernames is usually easy to obtain, and doubly useful as you can then use “Active directory logging on”

If your usernames have leading digits,  such as  01Bsmith,06Ftonks,03Wwonka. AND you are using v3.07,3.08,3.09, please email the file to us to convert into Shark user names: This issue is corrected in Version 4.

3. Open the program. Sign in as an administrator. Go to Admin/Add and Manage/Add Student.

4. Click the button “Import student names”. A browse window will open: Navigate through to your file and open it.

5. Strip out any leading code and unwanted names and click “OK”.

6. This will place the names, with .sha extensions, into your [word][number]shark-shared directory.  

For detailed instructions, click here.