Updated 09 Feb 2017 Mac Issue: Parental Controls If using a Mac with Parental Controls enabled, typically the program will work for the administrative user. Standard users may experience the “uncaught exception” error.

As an administrator you can put this right by selecting the particular user in the “Parental Controls” panel which is in System Preferences/Accounts and clicking the “Configure” button of the “Finder & System” section.  

Mac permissions - parental controls for Wordshark & Numbershark

You can then scroll down the list of applications and tick “Wordshark / Numbershark ” as appropriate and then click “OK”.

Student / child users may experience a message such as: “You do not have the necessary permission to access the program”


From OSX10.7, the option to “Always allow” was removed, so permission has to be granted EVERY time. This is a Mac feature which we are unable to work around. This is a slight downside to having “parental controls” active.