Updated 09 Feb 2017

Most schools using Windows infrastructure will find the network version will offer greatest educational functionality and price for use with school networked computers: An increasing number of school networked computers have “group policies” that prevent the running of our single-user disks and USB products.

Our programs run on standard Windows networks, plus many proprietary “front end” systems including:

Ergo Free2Teach      R.M. plc systems       Viglen Classlink      Securus PC   Ranger      CSE

Please contact us if you have a different proprietary “front end”.

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Issues & Comments:

Terminal Services / Citrix Thin Client Networks/ Remote Desktop+Server2012 and Virtualisation: Recent releases work well, and can allow home/school access. Please see “System Reqs” tab for further details

We do not supply or support Mac or hybrid Mac+PC networks. Attempting to run these is likely to result in  functionality and data loss.

Administration of the programs:

We advise that the network version is administered by 2-3 “Administrators”, but that all education staff are signed in as “Teachers” (“Sub-administrators” in v4), for increased security and a more streamlined menu.

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The network version comes as a site licence (Licence terms) for all computers within the school boundaries connected to the server, & home access for pupils connected remotely to the server,  for a given number of computers to be used concurrently. Other licensing models are available: Contact Sales.

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