Updated 09 Feb 2017

Numbershark  for many children is best used with adult supervision.

Both for home and school use, we urge that the tutor or parent:

Contact us for Excel/Paper based records.

We are often asked if Numbershark supports children with dyscalculia, and are often asked for general advice on dyscalculia. Several teachers in Tameside  have produced short case studies of Numbershark in use, and we are

grateful for permission to link to these, on their super inclusion site at

http://www.teachingandlearningtameside.net :

Using NumberShark (structured activities) with a Y5 pupil at School Action Plus, working at L1a

Using Numbershark 4 & BlackCat Numeracy Activity Builder to support maths knowledge with yr1 pupil

Using Numbershark 4 & Primary Games with a Y6 statemented pupil working at L1a

Using NumberShark 4 to develop basic number concepts with a Y4 child

Using Numbershark for multiplication work with a Y6 pupil having concentration issues

Using Numbershark for work around time & money with a Y6 pupil having SpLD

Using Numbershark to support KS3 pupils in mathematics with MLD

Using Numbershark to support y11 & y12 pupils with Mathematics

Hints for Numbershark