PC users:

Version 5, the current version, is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 (including touchscreens/tablets), but NOT with the “cut down” version Windows 8 RT. Detailed specifications an instructions  for the NETWORK productsare available from here

The 4.08-4.10 releases work on Windows 7, 8 and 10 and on interactive white boards. These  also work on Windows 7 large touch screens (single touch) but have limited compatibility with Windows touch screens. These are not compatible with the Windows 8 RT.

Network products store user data centrally, on Server 2008 or later.

The programs  work with most 3rd party network security packages, but please read “Warnings” above, and the “FAQs” & “Networks”, and check with Support if unsure.

Detailed Requirements for PC Microsoft Operating Systems:

64-bit compatibility:

Full compatibility for  Win7 64 bit machines was introduced with release 4.06.

Minimum Requirements for the current release, v5:

  1. Processor: 2.5GHz + on 32 bit or 64 bit
  2. RAM working memory*:  1Gb spare after accounting for other processes
  3. Hard disk space**:  5Gb  (Our programs require up to 800Mb each)
  4. Speakers or headset (both programs), microphone (Wordshark only)
  5. Graphics: 800 x 600 (preferably higher: Tested to 1920x1080)
  6. Working  soundcard & driver****
  7. The Single User DVD product needs a DVD drive which must be in the local drive whilst the program is running***.
  8. The USB product needs a USB2 port, but will also work with a USB3 port.
  9. The v5 network product requires  (direct or indirect) internet access for download/install/activation onlly. No internet access is subsequently required  unless checking for updates or watching the “Help” menu video tutorials. For v4.08-4.09 releases (which come with a DVD, and are not downloadable), a DVD drive is required for installation only.

The original Numbershark and Wordshark 2L work on operating systems up to Windows 98. Version 3 may continue to work on machines with Win 98 and original XP (not updated) These are no longer supported, and we advise you to upgrade to the latest version.

* With less than the specified RAM, the program may run slowly, and occasionally freeze. Close down background programs for better performance, and check that spyware or viruses are not present. Ensure no more than one anti-virus program is running.

** Wordshark 4.08 requires 700Mb and Numbershark 4.08 350Mb.

Most operating systems also need additional free disk space for their own use. We therefore advise that you check your computer has adequate free disk space before installing. For optimum performance of your computer operating system, aim to keep 15% of your hard disk space free.

*** The local CD drive may be internal, or a local USB external drive. A school-wide “CD stacker” or “CD Virtual Drive” do not work.  Contact us for our products that do NOT need a CD drive or USB.

**** Note that many computers leave the soundcard disabled unless speakers/headphones are connected & not muted. This usually prevent our programs from running: Typically they start to open, hang for 15-30 seconds, and then close, often with no error message.