Updated 09 Feb 2017

R.M. plc Products

Community Connect 3(tm) and 4(tm)  CC3  CC4

Single User Installable+Activated versions

These are available currently ONLY directly from sales@wordshark.co.uk  

Being single-user, they lack the networking features of the network products, but ARE worth considering for netbooks that travel between home and school, or for other “stand alone” purposes.  These replace the stand alone CD products which CC3/CC4 networks are unable to run.

The Single User activated products do work on CC3 / CC4, but as data is stored locally these may only be accessed when signed on with staff admin rights OR with slightly modified permissions.

 The tricky areas are:

-  remembering to add the icon to the local machine shortcut bank,

- modifying permissions to allow restricted users access (if required) as follows:

Details:  Depending on the exact configuration of the CC3 / CC4 network, restricted users may obtain an error message:  

“ Activation Error Wordshark Could not obtain computer ID”

Solution: Allow users (“everyone”) read/execute access to system32\ipconfig.exe