Updated 09 Feb 2017

See also: FAQ 9: Running the single user CD on a school network of any type

R.M. plc Products

Community Connect 3(tm) and 4(tm)  CC3  CC4

Network versions

Our Wordshark 5  and Numbershark 5 network products  now comes with their own CC4 packages, created by RM. Older networks can be packaged, the longest job usually being the time needed to set up a “clean” PC. NOTE that each network disk prior to v4.10  is unique to each school, so other schools’ packages WILL NOT WORK!   

Details, including packaging instructions

Single User CD Products

The Single User CD Wordshark & Numbershark are not suitable for CC3 and CC4 networks, and are not supported on these systems.

RM PLC have offered further advice via TEC articles. Details

Single User Installable+Activated versions

The Single User activated products do work on CC3 / CC4, but as data is stored locally these may only be accessed when signed on with staff admin rights OR with slightly modified permissions. The tricky areas are:

-  remembering to add the icon to the local machine shortcut bank,

- modifying permissions to allow restricted users access  Details

Single User USB Products

The Single User USB Wordshark & Numbershark products MAY or MAY NOT work on any given CC3 and CC4 networks, depending whether the school has locally set permissions to allow or not allow staff or students to use USB memory sticks. Please check with your tech before purchase..

RM PLC have offered further advice via TEC articles. Details