Updated 09 Feb 2017

Registration and record keeping

We suggest that:

So that all features of the program are available, and detailed records automatically recorded.

Temporary Students:

It is possible to use either program without being registered, as a “temporary student”. Records of activities are not saved for temporary students. An administrator can switch off the ability to permit  others from logging on as temporary students.

Importance of unique user names

It is very important that every individual (unless a temporary student) has a unique user name. In version 3,  if two or more staff or children share the same user name and sign on at the same time, then there is a possibility of data becoming corrupted. In later versions, duplicate users are “locked” to avoid this.


Under the UK Data Protection Act, personal data  such as detailed activity records in either program should be kept secure. You may wish to use the facility to give each child their own password as part of your data protection plan. This can be done during initial registration of children, or afterwards, by the child or by the teacher.

The program does not require children to have passwords, though passwords are mandatory for administrators and  teachers/subadministrators.

Administrators can reset passwords for other administrators and children.

More about passwords

User Names: