Updated 09 Feb 2017

There are three common solutions, which work for both programs. We suggest you try each in turn, unless it clearly does not apply.

1. CD version on a network or standalone with additional security in place preventing restricted users from running CD s  OR running programs from the c:/program files directory.  This can be a “strict” setting on any parental control program.

It is also a known issue for schools running CC3 or CC4,  Viglen Classlink, Ergo Free to Teach, Ranger,   CSE, Winsuite etc. In some schools, a network group policy will be set with this restriction. With CC3 and CC4,  RM  advise that the CD version should not be used, and schools should trade in their  CD towards the network version.

2. CD Drive Security Settings are incorrect: Please download this .pdf file, and check through your CD drive settings. The “Secdrv” start-up settings should be “Automatic”, NOT “Demand”.

If  you are getting “Access Denied: Please Login with administrator privileges and try again”  you need to update the Secdrv. The driver update addresses a vulnerability in the secdrv.sys driver on Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP. (Not Vista) Microsoft Security Advisory 944653 documents this issue.  To update the driver:

3.  XP Patch

Using a CD-Rom version of Wordshark3, 3s,  or Numbershark3, running on a Windows XP computer:

The program installs, but refuses to load if you are signed on as a restricted user UNLESS a user with XP administrative rights signs on first.  This known problem affects some variants of the XP operating system and how it interacts with CD copy protection:

The administrator can log on and use the programme, after which others can also log on.

If the administrator has not logged on first that session, then others will not be able to access the programme. Typically, on double-clicking the icon, the computer will appear to be looking for the CD, but then nothing happens, OR the first screen appears and then disappears with nothing else following.  No error message is given.

XP has a known “bug” which in some situations prevents restricted users from “seeing” a copy-protected  CD.  You will need to visit the Microsoft site for the latest patch for the Windows XP  fix for Microsoft Games, and then install this patch. After restarting your computer, the problem is likely to be fixed.

The patch, when we recently checked, was at: 

http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=eae20f0f-c41c-44fe-84ce-1df707d7a2e9&displaylang=en (You may need to paste this link back together if it has a line break)

If a school feels uneasy downloading this patch –   Consider buying the network version, which is not affected by issues relating to restricted users accessing the local CD drive.

Known Issues:

A) XP Patch

B) Restricted users unable to run CD